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Sock Monkey Birthday Party Pics (from March)

We celebrated our nine-year-old’s birthday at the park in March (before my morning sickness kicked in.) So here are the very belated pics from her party, which was an easy “bikes and scooters at the park” party. She chose the sock monkey birthday party theme, which was a big hit.

Here is the birthday girl with her favorite cupcakes: angel food cake with whip cream and strawberries. I let the kids spray the whip cream and decorate the cupcakes right before we served them.


Andy took some cute pictures of the decorations, painting activities, and favors. Here is the sock monkey I made for my daughter. I love him! He turned out so cute!



Here’s my handsome husband and son. ♥ Andy says he looks like he just took his allergy medicine. I think he looks cute.


It was the beginning of spring, so we chose red tulips as center pieces, to go with the red sock monkey pom-pom. When they opened they had brown in the center. The birthday girl thought that was perfect.


I found these sock monkey coloring sheets for free online at Birthday in a Box and my sweet sister Vanessa printed them and brought them for the kids to paint when they took a break from riding their scooters. We also had some brown bags to decorate with stickers, and fruit loop necklaces.



When I got home, I hung the birthday banner at my house and changed it a little bit. It might sound weird, or maybe you’ve done this before, but once I saw it hanging I realized that it needed a pom pom on each letter, not just on the sides. So when I hung it up at home, I tried it and this is how it turned out.



I took a few more pics of the table decorations, which were just glass jars from Trader Joe’s applesauce and peach/pear halves. I tied a pom-pom made of classic red yarn around each jar.


The pom-poms are super easy. You just wrap some yarn around two fingers, maybe twenty times, and then take if off your fingers and tie another piece of yarn around the center of the bunch. Then you snip the loops and you have a cute pom-pom.



The table runner was wrapping paper from Target that cost $1 per roll. It works well with the sock monkey birthday party theme. The thank you tags are cream card stock punched with a one-inch circle punch, hand written with gray Sharpie.

I had the idea of cutting fringe on the bottom of the banner but I wasn’t brave enough to do it until I got home. I think it turned out cute, and we left it up for the month of March. My lettering isn’t the best but I was too lazy to print out anything. So I just did it by hand.




Happy birthday Eliana! The name, the feminine form of Elijah, means “My God has answered me.”

Chelsea Rotunno is the author of Goodnight to My Thoughts of You, a novel about life as a Christian teen searching for true love.

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