Book Reviews

“I was gripped by this book from start to finish. Rotunno writes with the accurate voice of a teen-aged, lovesick girl navigating the mixed messages of her older crush. The moments of hope and the disappointing let-downs are described in realistic, heart-wrenching dialogue and vivid descriptions. The main character, Miriam, is developed over a span of four years, growing into a person who works through her heartbreak and eventually has eyes to see the man who is to become her husband. The story masterfully flows as the reader is guided through various settings, introduced to supporting characters along the way, and winsomely bonded to Miriam as she learns some of the toughest lessons of love. The ending is everything the reader hopes it to be. I’m excited for the sequel!” E. Correll (Amazon Review)

“As a college student, this book was completely relatable and such an interesting read – I couldn’t put the book down and read the whole thing in one sitting! I laughed and cried as I watched Miriam live out her amazing God-written story. Her life brought me so much hope and I finished the book feeling refreshed and excited as I see the hand of God working actively in my own life.” Jasmine (Amazon Review)

“Chelsea is an incredibly caring person, and it shows in her storytelling. The simple words detailing complexities that so many young girls can resonate with is really impactful and special. This book details an important story about one girl’s journey, spotted with so many familiar situations and feelings and moments that I think everyone can relate to at least one of them. The influence of God on Chelsea’s life and writing is blatant here. Loved this sweet book :)” Sabrina (Goodreads Review)

“I finished it in four days. It was like watching a movie, and that’s my favorite kind of writing.” Evangelia (Facebook Review)

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