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  • God is More Playful Than I Think He Is

    Today I decided to take a walk and see if God would come and meet with me.

    The first thing I heard God say in my heart: I am more playful than you think I am. I want to surprise you.

    God is playful? I began to think about the beauty of creation.

    Immediately I thought of baby animals. I thought of how baby animals make people laugh so much. God made them like that on purpose.

    Then I thought of how children play so naturally.

    And how people love surprises.

    How two people who are in love will surprise each other with gifts, funny jokes, love notes, games.

    How Andy brought me chai tea when I worked for the school paper in college. How he left me notes on my car and I left him notes in his student mailbox. How we would stay up late playing games. Just because we loved spending time together. (This is in Part 2 of my book.)

    Old photo with water stains. Andy in a bucket hat in 2001.

    God’s love is like that. He is playful. He loves to surprise us in such romantic ways.

    I think I miss it sometimes because I am too serious, grumpy, or not paying attention.

    There have been a few times when I was paying attention and God surprised me in a playful way. While I was on my walk today, he reminded me of one of those times.

    A year ago, I was walking outside, and in my heart God told me to look across the street to my right. I looked, and just then some leaves swirled up in a cute mini whirlwind. It was so quick and random. It brought me so much joy. Does God care about a little thing like that? He does. Because he loves like that. His love is individual and he is just waiting to surprise us in clever ways that mean something on a level that is deeper than we might expect.

    What is meaningful to me might not be meaningful to you.

    But when you ask Him to show you his love, and then you open up your heart and mind to receive it, you will be surprised by something so sweet and clever, so special to your heart. Something no one would know but you. But God knows, because he created you and he loves you.

    It does take some time in quiet listening.

    I want to listen like this every day. How about you?

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