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Book Reviews for Goodnight to My Thoughts of You


So encouraging and exciting to come across these great book reviews for Goodnight to My Thoughts of You this week while I was at Gleanings for the Hungry with my family.

“A fantastic read! … it’s interesting to see the coming of age journey Miriam goes through, what with her love of Paul and her later relationship with Charlie. Charlie. Let’s talk about him. The short, but extremely likable musician. He had his character flaws and weaknesses, but it didn’t take away from the character. When I got to part two of the novel, I was happy to see Miriam ending up with a guy close to her age, and kind to her. 😀 In the end, it was a great read with good values and messages, and I’d recommend to all, even those who aren’t very religious”
— Kay, Goodreads Review

“I learned so much from this book. I really, REALLY love it! Can’t wait for the second book! I’m not a youth leader but I’m an 18 years old girl who really appreciates this kind of book =)!”
–Andrea, Goodreads Review

“What a great book! It is so wonderful, and a great path for her to follow. She needed to learn those things, to become a better person. She and her husband have a great path ahead!”
–Anonymous, Barnes & Noble Review


With well over 1,000 downloads so far, I am so very thankful (and relieved!) to know that girls are enjoying my book. In just two months, I have reached 10% of my goal to give away 10,000 free ebooks! More importantly, girls have contacted me and told me that this book has been a blessing in their lives. That is the best reward any author could ask for. Thank you Jesus!!!


Chelsea Rotunno is the author of Goodnight to My Thoughts of You, a novel about life as a Christian teen searching for true love.

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