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Rotunno Mini Update – March 2019

Rotunno Family March Mini Update

Post #2 in my #40Before40: What I’m Loving and What I’m Learning series. Welcome.

  1. Father-Daughter Dance: When we first moved to this area, we found an amazing church and we were able to feel at home right away. Andy took the girls to the church’s Father-Daughter Dance this week. It’s always a special time for the girls to hang out with just Andy.     
  2. JL’s New Haircut: Remind me why we chopped off his beautiful hair? Oh yes, it was because he could not see during his gymnastics class or when he was writing in his journal. It was time. I’m sad but I know it will grow back quickly.     
  3. Eliana’s Birthday: What is even happening? I have a 14-year-old child? This girl is so amazing. She is a sweet and loyal friend, artistic, creative, focused, intelligent, funny, and so much fun to be with. Happy Birthday to our dear Eliana.     
  4. One Year Since Our Outreach: A year ago we were flying home from Greece / Israel. How did that go by so fast? I miss traveling so much. I can’t wait until we have another chance to go overseas with the kids. I have dreams of leading DTS Outreaches with Andy. I also have dreams to teach with YWAM on the topic of Forgiveness. I hope we can take some steps to make those dreams come true. For now, Andy is serving in the procurement department at Gleanings, making sure we have enough peas, lentils, veggies, and other products coming in consistently to fill the Gleanings soup mix that we send around the world to the poor and needy. He is also making sure the food is going to the most desperate places. I homeschool the kids and write short articles for the Gleanings newsletter. Here is a pic of Andy and me on the Sea of Galilee. This is where Jesus walked on water. 
  5. Praise For Answered Prayers: When we first made the life change to live out here and serve as full time missionaries, I told my church that it was difficult for me to give up my dream for my kids to have dance classes. A woman came up to me after church and said “God will provide for your kids.” Now God has answered my prayers. I joined a homeschool charter that has funding for dance classes. I am thrilled. Isn’t it sweet how He cares about the things we care about?
  6. My Writing: I have been spending time writing again. It feels so great to get back to it. I had to shed off some fear and build up my confidence again. Right now, I am doing what God is calling me to do and enjoying the process. You can follow my new writing page on Facebook: @chelsearotunnowriting. I will link to my blog posts from there. I also have plans to do live videos with Andy on that page. Keep in touch and I will send more info when we do some videos.

Thanks for reading my March mini update.

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You can read more about our family mission on Andy’s website here. It’s possible that it needs to be updated. Please forgive us.

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