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Hello everyone! I’m Chelsea Rotunno and my favorite color is purple.

I’m a words person. That means I love words and I especially love compliments. I’m teaching my kids to tell me when I look pretty and tell me when they think I’m funny.

I also love writing and reading literature and poems. You can read some of my poems in my debut novel Goodnight to My Thoughts of You, a story for teen girls about life, love, heartbreak, and Christian faith.

I have always loved reading and writing. When I was a little kid I would spend hours reading through my stack of books on lazy summer days. My mom made us go to the library and do the reading club every summer, and my older sister Vanessa was a genius reader so I would read all of her books after she was done with them because I wanted to be just like her. I have three older sisters, Alice, Daphne, and Vanessa, who are really smart and talented women who love to read. Basically we would read and swim all summer and go to church on Sundays.

I grew up with very little structure in my life, which was very cool at the time but more difficult as I tried to make sense of the real world. My mom is an artist with a degree in fashion and fabric design from the Art Institute of Chicago, and my dad is a composer/vocalist with degrees from American Conservatory of Music and Northwestern University. My parents are really smart and really artsy. The best thing about Mom and Dad is that they both love Jesus. And this July 8 they will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary. Pretty awesome!

When I was in sixth grade, I started taking ballet and tap classes. Dancing became my new favorite thing to do besides read and sleep. I entered the pre-professional ballet program at my dance studio in 9th grade, and I danced every day after school and Saturdays. Around that time my English teachers told me I was a good writer. Their compliments made me work harder in my English classes, and I decided to study English and education at Azusa Pacific University, where I earned my BA and MRS degrees. An MRS degree is the fake degree you get when you meet your husband in college.

My husband Andy and I married in 2003 and we will celebrate our 16-year wedding anniversary on July 12! Andy is one of those amazing people who is good at everything from writing songs and leading worship at church to doing back flips off the diving board. We enjoy serving the Lord together as missionaries and we are best friends who love to snuggle up on the couch and watch The Great British Baking Show. We live in Los Angeles, California with our five wonderful children. Find out more about our love story in Goodnight To My Thoughts of You!

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