• Family Photos 2018

    Photo Credit: Gabrielle Mycroft … Thanks Gabby!

    Our family has been living full time here at Gleanings for about two years now. We came to live here after hearing the call from God to serve as full-time missionaries with YWAM.

    It felt like a crazy transition to change from having a full-time income to living completely by the monetary support of our friends and family. I talked a little bit about this in my last post. But God has been providing in miraculous ways, first to cover the cost of our Discipleship Training School, DTS outreach, and now our monthly expenses.

    Before we came to live at Gleanings, we brought teams here from our home church for about ten summers and eight or nine winters, 1-2 weeks per year. We fell in love with the ministry and the staff, and just like many volunteers, we felt like this place was a second home.

    Now we live in a mobile home that is owned by Gleanings. We have a little front porch, back porch, and a small shed to hold our seasonal items. We love our cute little house, and it really feels like home. Andy hung string lights out front and back that make the place feel very warm and cozy.

    Eliana is growing up way too fast. She is enjoying her new friendships here at Gleanings, and she has learned to make quilts during her time serving in the quilt room, which is one of the ministries we have here. It is so special to know that other women who are here to serve God have invested in Eliana and taught her how to sew. Everyone loves Eliana. She is hilarious, and very talented. She has an innate sense of style and artistic talent.

    Angelina is our little dancer. She loves to make new friends! She loves to laugh and run around with the other kids. A true extrovert. And our biggest eater! Where does all the food go??? Angelina received a special recognition this summer for being a good friend to others. It was a well-deserved recognition. We are happy to see that other people see the best in her, encourage her and love her. 

    JL has lots of big kid teeth. He loves to play with Legos and Minecraft with his friends. His absolute favorite thing to do is wrestle with Daddy.

    RoRo is our artist and she is also our introvert! She is enjoying gymnastics classes and reading books.

    Little P is 100 percent extrovert. She loves to play with her friends, play dolls, and draw pictures of princesses.




    Thank you so much for your love and support! I will be writing more on the blog in the next few weeks, so please keep in touch! I will be sharing the reasons why I took a break from the blog for two years–the real reasons–and more lessons that God has been teaching me as I’ve been listening and learning from him.

    Lots of Love and Hugs,