• 3 Supermom Powers I Didn’t Know I Had



    The supermom ability to track every spot that was affected by a poop explosion from my child’s diaper. Everything that the baby touched, where they sat, where they might have sat, while the diaper was seeping with poop. Every spot goes into a mental file while the diaper is changed and the child is bathed. And then the supermom cleaning begins! I use my poo-dar ability to retrace the baby’s every location and clean and sanitize thoroughly.

    Ninja Reflexes

    The supermom ability to catch a large glass jar of applesauce mid-air at Trader Joe’s, after my son throws it straight up into the air because he’s trying to get it into the shopping cart. Even though I only have one free hand because I’m holding a baby, I’m able to catch the glass jar of applesauce in my left hand, preventing it from smashing into a zillion pieces. The worker at Trader Joe’s who is stocking the applesauce jars can testify. His face is priceless. I think he is actually scared of me after seeing me display my ninja reflexes.

    Panic-Cleaning Abilities

    The supermom ability to clean the entire house in ten minutes. A friend texts and says she is in town and will be stopping by soon. Panic cleaning begins, and the clean up that usually takes all day is attacked with such ferocity that it is done in 10-15 minutes. Friend arrives and wonders why I am sweating so profusely, and I confess that I was panic cleaning. It’s not actually a confession; it’s more like I’m bragging about my mommy superpowers.

    (I have to attribute the term panic-cleaning to my dear friend Leann. When she said it, I knew exactly what she was talking about.)

    P.S. Pearl is already almost 10 months old!