• My New Hair Curling Device–and Head Coverings


    #1  So this new curling device. It has made me very happy.

    #2  I’ve still been thinking about covering my hair when I go to church.


    RUSK Curl Freak–My New Curling Device

    Maybe I’m late in the game here, since the videos I found for this curler are from a few years ago, but this thing has changed my life for the better. The curls come out pretty, my hair feels fuller, and I don’t have to wash it for a few days and it still looks okay.

    My friend Cara posted about her new Rusk Curl Freak curling iron that she was excited about. I needed a new curling iron because the cord on mine broke, so I looked up this crazy Rusk thing that my friend Cara recommended, and I found a few really helpful videos that made it look easy–not to mention that the curls turned out in beautiful beach waves.


    This contraption sucks in your hair and spits it out curled and beautiful.

    I bought it on sale, and when it came in the mail (hooray for packages arriving in the mail!) I was really excited and tried it out right away.

    The first time I let it take my hair was–really scary. Would it get caught? Would my hair burn off? But it was actually really simple and fun!

    You take a small section of hair and place it in the curler, clamp it shut, and it winds the air onto the heating device for you so you don’t have to do anything but hold it still. Then it beeps four times and you let go on the last series of beeps. The hair comes out in a nice soft curl!

    I’m sure there are drawbacks, but so far I am really happy with the results. I can curl my hair faster than before (I’m done in 10-15 minutes, which is pretty good for long hair) and the curl stays in for three days, a little less wavy each day. Maybe I will try to make it stretch to four days if I can get my hair oils to adjust to a four day wash.

    You can control the temperature, length of time, and direction of curls. I actually made a video of me using it so you could see how it works. Would you want to see something like that? So embarrassing to post a video of myself, but if it would help people see how the thing works, I’d be happy to post it.


    The top left pic is the very first time I ever used the Rusk Curl Freak. The pic on the right was maybe the third time I used it. The pic on the bottom left was hours later after it had been shaken out and calmed down.

    Every time I use this new curling device, I wonder if I will regret it in a year. Like maybe I will be absolutely bald in a year. But so far, so good!


    Head Coverings for Women

    Like I mentioned in this post about my hair, I have this struggle in my soul about primping before church. I keep thinking about the idea of head coverings for women at church, and I will continue to think and pray about it. I think a head covering, for me, would be about making a statement in my heart. I would be saying, “Not me, but you, Lord.”

    One day I will actually try it instead of just thinking about how I should try it.

    What are your thoughts on head coverings at church? Have you ever thought about trying it to see if anything happens in your heart as you worship God with your head covered?

    Lots of Love,


    P.S. Another awkward selfie (from Andy’s *beautiful* cousin’s wedding this weekend.) Andy is trying to teach me how to look at the camera.