• How to Make Me Jealous



    If you want to know how to make me jealous–not “I hate you” jealous, but just “You are sooooooooo lucky!” jealous, here is how to do it:

    1. Post pics of your exotic island vacations
    2. Tell me all about your travels through Europe
    3. Post pics of yourself looking awesome in a bikini
    4. Talk about your huge house
    5. Tell me how much money you are making
    6. Mention that you have no children
    7. Post updates on how you are currently reading a classic novel and sipping a cup of tea
    8. Have time to understand and use Pinterest
    9. Own a vacation home in the mountains or on the beach
    10. Have naturally big boobs. Or fake big boobs, I’m jealous either way

    *Note: I am being completely and totally serious