• How To Make a Pretty Hair Wreath with Roses



    Step 1:  Braid three long pieces of jute twine and tie ends together
    Step 2:  Wrap a piece of ribbon around the twine
    Step 3:  Make rolled paper roses
    Step 4:  Hot-glue paper roses to the braided twine

    I saw a hair wreath at Claire’s and I thought about buying it for Rose to wear at her first birthday party. But it was not quite right and I didn’t know exactly why. I think it was because it was made with a vinyl band. Then I saw one at H&M that was very cute, but the roses were just a little too big, pink, and all facing the same direction. It was very cute, but again, not exactly what I was looking for.

    I asked my older sister, who wore a handmade hair wreath as a bride, to send me a picture of her wreath from her wedding but she couldn’t find one. So I just made this up as I went, making my own wreath and using a tutorial from Jones Design Company for the rolled paper roses.

    It was super easy and fast to make this wreath by hand. It probably cost me less than a dollar.

    Step 1: Braid three long pieces of jute twine and tie ends together


     Step 2: Wrap a piece of ribbon around the twine wreath and tie in a knot



     Step 3: Make Rolled Paper Roses

    1. Cut out a small circle from your card stock.
    2. Cut a spiral in the circle
    3. Roll the paper tightly, starting with the outside point



     Step 4: Hot-glue the roses to the jute twine


     And here it is on the birthday girl.




    At the party, I had the extra jute twine out on a craft table so guests could make a hair wreath if they wanted to wear one too. I think one person made one. I wore one without flowers on it. The rough texture of the twine helps it to stay in your hair.


    Who wants cupcakes?