• That Kind of Friend



    I have been blessed in so many ways by my friends during this pregnancy. I have been surprised and loved and well taken care of. Friends have taken us to dinner, invited us over for dinner, and dropped off dinner. They have babysat for us, and treated my kids like their own kids. They have called, texted, messaged, and stopped by to see if I am doing OK. My friends have prayed for me and loved me even when I’m struggling–especially when I’m struggling. I forgot how much I need my friends.

    One friend in particular has blessed me in the most unexpected and thoughtful ways. First, she dropped off a care package when I had my worst morning sickness: ginger gum, preggie pops, acupressure bracelets, and more. Then, even though we hadn’t seen each other in awhile, she dropped off gluten-free treats for me (just for me, not to be shared with the kids!) Tomorrow she is taking me for a mani-pedi so I can feel pretty before the baby is born.

    “Even if you can’t see your toes, they should be pretty!”

    Some women are just the most amazing creatures. I swear. So thoughtful, generous, and caring.

    I have a friend who is that kind of friend. I am so amazed and thankful.

    Thank you to all of you amazing friends who love me and teach me how to be a good friend. I love you!





    photo credit: marisa santiago