• My Book Cover

    (Scroll to the end of the post to see the cover I chose!)

    In my last post, I wrote about how I tried and tried to come up with a great book cover on my own. I spent hours taking photos and creating text, trying to make it look professional. Finally, after a couple dozen mediocre book covers, I admitted to myself that I needed to hire a professional. I found Danielle Maait on Joel Friedlander’s site. Within 24 hours she gave me four starter covers to choose from.









    At first, I was absolutely positive I wanted cover #4. It was the closest one to what I had imagined the cover would be. I also loved cover #2. But the text on both covers was not exactly what I wanted. I had researched the title treatment for ebooks, and I knew that the title had to stretch across the entire cover and be as large as possible in order to be seen at thumbnail size, which is not a concern for books in print, which can have more subtle titles with lots of padding, much like the titles on Danielle’s originals.

    I decided to go with cover #2 when I got an overwhelmingly unanimous response from the females I showed the covers to. “I love cover #2!”

    Danielle and I worked back and forth–over 50 emails in a week–to try out a few different fonts and sizes for the text. I am so incredibly happy with what she and I came up with. Here is my book cover:

    My Book Cover Goodnight to My Thoughts of You

    When you are self publishing, there is a ton to learn and a ton of choices to make. The hardest part, perhaps, is mustering up the confidence to go for it. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me, read drafts, pushed me along, and prayed for me. It’s almost done, and I promise I will let you know how you and your friends can get it for free.

    xo, Chelsea