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3 Supermom Powers I Didn’t Know I Had



The supermom ability to track every spot that was affected by a poop explosion from my child’s diaper. Everything that the baby touched, where they sat, where they might have sat, while the diaper was seeping with poop. Every spot goes into a mental file while the diaper is changed and the child is bathed. And then the supermom cleaning begins! I use my poo-dar ability to retrace the baby’s every location and clean and sanitize thoroughly.

Ninja Reflexes

The supermom ability to catch a large glass jar of applesauce mid-air at Trader Joe’s, after my son throws it straight up into the air because he’s trying to get it into the shopping cart. Even though I only have one free hand because I’m holding a baby, I’m able to catch the glass jar of applesauce in my left hand, preventing it from smashing into a zillion pieces. The worker at Trader Joe’s who is stocking the applesauce jars can testify. His face is priceless. I think he is actually scared of me after seeing me display my ninja reflexes.

Panic-Cleaning Abilities

The supermom ability to clean the entire house in ten minutes. A friend texts and says she is in town and will be stopping by soon. Panic cleaning begins, and the clean up that usually takes all day is attacked with such ferocity that it is done in 10-15 minutes. Friend arrives and wonders why I am sweating so profusely, and I confess that I was panic cleaning. It’s not actually a confession; it’s more like I’m bragging about my mommy superpowers.

(I have to attribute the term panic-cleaning to my dear friend Leann. When she said it, I knew exactly what she was talking about.)

P.S. Pearl is already almost 10 months old!

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Broken Dishes



I want an 8×10 print of a broken dish to hang in my kitchen. Or maybe an actual broken dish hung on the wall as a decoration. Because I need a constant reminder: it’s only a dish.

This little dish was part of a tea set that my daughter got for her 3rd birthday seven years ago. It’s a really cute little tea set. Was a cute little tea set.

It broke, obviously, when my kids were playing with it the other day. For some people, this is no big deal. Just toss it. Forget about it.

I wanted to toss it. Instead, I left it on the kitchen counter for a week, because I had to try to glue it back together. I had to at least try.

You see, I’m realizing that I have a really hard time letting things be broken. Just broken. Let it be broken and throw it away.

So after a week of staring at it, I threw it in the trashcan. And then I took it back out.

To take this picture.


I think this plate was a reminder to me that it’s okay to feel broken, to be broken, to let things be broken without having to fix everything and put it back together and make everything whole again.

I think some other people might feel like me sometimes. Like nothing should break. We have to keep it all together, in perfect balance, every day.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve got those plates in a balancing act, spinning on the top of sticks, and the plates are wobbling back and forth. At any moment they will fly off the sticks and smash into the floor.

And then, instead of sweeping up the mess and throwing it all away, I’ll sit down to glue all the pieces back together and make it look like it never happened.

I’m trying so hard to keep everything together.

I don’t want anything to fall apart.

I don’t want me to fall apart either. I can’t. I have too many people to take care of to let myself fly off the handle and break.

I feel a huge pressure to raise our kids right. I have to protect them and give them only the best experiences to they will grow up to be strong and healthy in every way. I have to serve the healthiest food three times a day and keep everyone’s teeth brushed twice a day and wash all the sheets once a week and make sure there are no crumbs on the floor because our town has a lot of crickets.

And the more time I spend on the computer, the more pressure I feel to keep my home perfect and orderly and beautiful like everyone else’s, even though I have five kids in a two bedroom house.

I try and try and then something breaks.

And sometimes I scream and cry or say things I regret. And–sometimes–I keep the Elmer’s glue coming and make it look like everything is fine.

It doesn’t mean I have failed.

Because life isn’t a great big test, and we are not going to receive a report card at the end of our life and get a 4.0 GPA in Motherhood, Home Keeping, Wifehood, Remodeling, Healthy Meals, Church Participation, and Emotion Control.

Is it possible that it’s good to be broken sometimes?

To toss something that we thought was so valuable but really wasn’t that big of a deal?

To reevaluate some of our expectations of ourselves and others?

To reprioritize?

To remember: it’s only a dish?

. . .

By the way, Andy finally tossed the broken plate in the trashcan, and I didn’t take it back out. I thought about it, you know, in case my pictures didn’t look good enough and I needed to take more, but instead I just






And I haven’t thought about it once since.

Not at all.

Not even one time about how I didn’t even try to glue it … and it might have worked.


Let me know you were here! Give some love and leave a reply.



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Five-Minute Necklace Organizer

necklaces-3Finally. No more tangled necklaces.

My daughter brought home a tree branch that had been painted white. I thought it looked pretty so I kept it for awhile, not really thinking much about it.

Then it came to me. We can hang the girls’ necklaces from the branch.

It might sound silly, but this solution for organizing necklaces has made me so happy. Something that was disorganized is now in order! It makes sense!

No more tangled, knotted, crazy necklaces that my girls can never wear.

I mounted two hooks next to the door frame in their room (strategically higher than my two-year-old can reach), hung a few necklaces on the branch, and set it horizontally in the two hooks. Brilliant.

The branch is light enough for my girls to lift off the hooks, but they don’t really have to lift it. They just have to undo the latch on the necklace they want to wear.

It made me so happy, I just had to share it with you. For anyone who has necklaces piled in jewelry boxes where you forget about them . . . try out this easy, free necklace organizer. What a difference! Practical and pretty.


I created peace and sanity in one tiny aspect of my life–and I am really happy about it.


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